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Abstract #4342

Exploring the effect of aquaporin-4 suppression on cell membrane water exchange in a mouse model of brain ischemia using diffusion-weighted MRI

Takuya Urushihata1, Hiroyuki Takuwa1, Manami Takahashi1, Yasuhiko Tachibana2, Jeff Kershaw2, Nobuhiro Nitta2, Sayaka Shibata2, Masato Yasui3, Makoto Higuchi1, and Takayuki Obata2
1Department of Functional Brain Imaging Research, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, QST, Chiba, Japan, 2Applied MRI Research, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, QST, Chiba, Japan, 3Keio Advanced Research Center for Water Biology and Medicine, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

We measured multi-b-value multi-diffusion-time (MbMTd) DWI and compared ADCs in the ischemic focii of aquaporin4-knockout (AQP4-KO) and wild type (WT) mice. In the ischemic region, AQP4-KO mice showed lower ADCs compared to WT mice, whereas higher ADCs were observed in the contralateral region. In addition, we compared estimates of cell membrane water exchange time obtained by fitting a two-compartment exchange model to the DWI signal. The exchange-time was approximately 2.5 times longer for the AQP4-KO mice than for the WT mice. These results suggest that MbMTd DWI may be useful for in vivo research and clinical diagnosis of AQP4-related diseases.

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