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Abstract #0028

Integrated high-order B0 shimming for multiparametric quantitative liver imagingat 3T using a UNIfied Coil (UNIC)

Nan Wang1, Fardad M. Serry2, Michael Ocasio2, Yibin Xie2, Yuheng Huang2, Xinqi Li2, Pei Han2, Tianle Cao2, Sen Ma2, Fei Han3, Matthew Minton2, Yubin Cai2, Yujie Shan2, Xiaoming Bi3, Anthony G. Christodoulou2, Hsin-Jung Yang2, Debiao Li2, and Hui Han2
1Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States, 2Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States, 3Siemens Medical Solutions, Los Angeles, CA, United States


Liver MRI shows promise for rich morphologic and physiologic information. B0 inhomogeneity causes off-resonance spread at the liver-lung interfaces, degrading image quality and quantification accuracy for DWI, T1, and T2*/R2*. A novel high-order shim coil (UNIC) was built, minimizing the decoupling between the two overlapped shim and RF arrays, allowing the free design of shim loop topology in proximity of the target organ. Improved shimming from UNIC is demonstrated with increased FOV in liver imaging, showing significantly reduced distortion in liver DWI, increased image quality score of MOLLI T1 map, and reduced B0-offset-induced ADC, R2*, and B0 standard deviations.

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