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Abstract #0283

Oxidation of ketone body in brain tumor patients

Kumar Pichumani1,2, Omkar B Ijare1, Suzanne Powell3, and David S Baskin1,2
1Kenneth R. Peak Brain and Pituitary Tumor Treatment Center, Department of Neurosurgery, Houston Methodist Research Institute, Houston, TX, United States, 2Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY, United States, 3Pathology and Genomic Medicine, Houston Methodist Research Institute, Houston, TX, United States


Normal brain switches to utilization of ketone bodies only during prolonged starvation. It is not known whether brain tumors can utilize ketone body under in vivo conditions. There are ongoing clinical trials on using ketogenic diet as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of brain tumors. Here, we show that brain tumors (meningioma and GBM) can fully oxidize ketone body and therefore ketogenic diet may not be effective in the treatment of these tumor patients. MCT1 is involved in the transport of BHB into tumor cells and therefore it is feasible to target BHB metabolism using MCT1 inhibitor.

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