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Increasing-load leg extensions in supine position using a novel pneumatic ergometer for dynamic 1H and 31P NMR muscle evaluations at 3T

Alfredo Liubomir Lopez Kolkovsky1,2, Beatrice Matot1,2, Yves Fromes1,2, Eric Giacomini1, Pierre G Carlier3, Harmen Reyngoudt1,2, and Benjamin Marty1,2
1NMR Laboratory, Neuromuscular Investigation Center, Institute of Myology, Paris, France, 2NMR Laboratory, CEA/DRF/IBFJ/MIRCen, Paris, France, 3University Paris-Saclay, CEA/DRF/SHFJ, Orsay, France


Evaluating quadriceps function is key in the context of sarcopenia. A pneumatic ergometer was built to allow performing knee extensions in supine position. An increasing-load, 13-min-long, isotonic exercise was successfully performed by volunteers during interleaved 1H MRI/1H MRS/31P MRS acquisitions in the quadriceps. Work, pedal displacement and velocity values per stroke and the maximum voluntary torque were measured with the ergometer. End-of-exercise [PCr] decreased (69±10%) and T2* increased (up to 10.5±7.2% in Rectus Femoris) relative to baseline. Simultaneous vascular, metabolic and physical effort evaluations during an incremental physical test could be a powerful method to investigate muscle quality in aging.

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