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Abstract #0625

Increasing the T2 sensitivity of MR-STAT sequences by small quadratic RF phase increments

Hongyan Liu1, Tom Bruijnen1, Maaike van Haandel1, Oscar van den Heide1, Miha Fuderer1, Cornelis A.T. van den Berg1, and Alessandro A.T. Sbrizzi1
1Computational Imaging Group for MR diagnostics & therapy, Center for Image Sciences, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands


We propose a new method to increase the T2 encoding ability of MR-STAT sequences, according to a recently developed strategy for T2 mapping. Recent work has shown that RF phase modulated GRE sequences with small quadratic phase increments can effectively encode T2 information into the phase of the signal. In this abstract, we show that by incorporating a simple and similar RF modulation strategy in 2D MR-STAT sequences, T2 sensitivity of transient-state gradient-spoiled sequences is improved, and therefore T2 maps as well as the proton density maps (PD) can be reconstructed with higher accuracy.

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