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Abstract #1260

Improved ΔR2* calculation through voxelwise subtraction for MRI-based dosimetry of holmium-166 transarterial radioembolization

Meike W.M. van Wijk1, Joey Roosen1, Lovisa E.L. Westlund Gotby1, Mark J. Arntz1, Marcel J.R. Janssen1, Daphne Lobeek1, Gerrit H. van de Maat2, Christiaan G. Overduin1, and J. Frank W. Nijsen1
1Department of Medical Imaging, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2Imaging & Software Solutions, Quirem Medical B.V., Deventer, Netherlands


Transarterial radioembolization (TARE) is a treatment for liver cancer, during which radioactive microspheres are administered through the hepatic artery. Microspheres containing holmium-166 enable MRI-based dosimetry, based on subtraction of pre- and post-treatment $$$R_2^*$$$ values. This subtraction is performed using a mean pre-treatment $$$R_2^*$$$ value. This does however not take pre-existing differences of $$$R_2^*$$$ values into account, introducing an error in the dosimetry. In this work a voxelwise subtraction method is presented, using deformable registration to transform the pre-treatment $$$R_2^*$$$ map to the post-treatment $$$R_2^*$$$ map, enabling voxel-by-voxel subtraction. This method does take $$$R_2^*$$$ differences into account and improves MRI-based dosimetry.

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