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Abstract #2423

Considering whole body metabolism in hyperpolarized MRI – an alternative way to quantification and normalization?

Steffen Houe Sejersen1, Camilla Rasmussen1, Nikolaj Bøgh1, Esben Hansen1, Rolf Schulte2, and Christoffer Laustsen1
1MR Centeret, Klinisk Institut, AU, Århus C, Denmark, 2GE Healthcare, Munich, Germany


Hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate MRI is an exciting emerging clinical tool for metabolic imaging. It has the potential for absolute quantitative metabolic imaging. However, in contrast to the most abundant metabolic imaging techniques, the signal itself is less quantitative by nature and, thus the most abundant analyses are relative or semiquantitative. Here, we propose a simple normalization to the whole body metabolic oxidative metabolism to overcome this limitation.

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