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Abstract #3074

Myelin abnormalities in patients with bipolar disorder: an inhomogeneous magnetization transfer study

Zhifeng Zhou1, Long Qian2, Wentao Lai1, Wentao Jiang1, Gangqiang Hou1, and Yingli Zhang1
1Shenzhen Mental Health Center/Shenzhen Kangning Hospital, Shenzhen, China, 2MR Research, GE Healthcare, Beijing, China


Previous DTI studies have revealed widespread increased radial diffusivity, which tend to be associated with myelin alteration, in patients with bipolar disorder (BD). This study utilizes a surrogate measure of myelin content termed inhomogeneous magnetization transfer (ihMT) to investigate myelin abnormalities in patients with BD. Our results demonstrate that regions with myelin deficits are mainly concentrated in the premiddle corpus callosum and left anterior white matter tracts, suggesting that interhemispheric communication and information transmission of left anterior brain areas may be most affected in patients with BD. Overall, this study provides new insight into the neuropathological mechanisms underlying BD.

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